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This is a guide for men of all ages who travel abroad and will be using the Bangalore escorts as a first time customer. There are certain etiquette guidelines for newbie’s to follow as in the regards to the world of escorting. The proper dating rules need to be practiced especially when the date is out in public or public gathering. The first time customer also needs to realize that an escort service does not mean that the woman involved is a prostitute or will provide sexual acts. The guide below will help in providing the necessary information and ease the cultural differences between two consenting adults.

First step before losing money on a bad experience; research on the many online websites. It is important that you take the time to read some of the reviews at the specific websites like Erotic and Big Doggie. The reviews will have good and bad feedback from their clients. It may also have a review about the agency or service they work from. The feed backs will provide useful information about a particular lady who you may be interested in; for example her overall appearance, timeliness, if she provides specific services, the best way she communicates with clients and professionalism. It is also wise to go back at look at other reviews from the past six or seven months.

The next research will be to go to the ladies personal website to view her photo and personal information is on the site. It will give you the rates for specific types of services whether she charges by day, 24 hours or a travel air hostess. The information on the website will explain how to go to book her services, whether she accepts credit cards or only cash. Many of the escort’s personal websites also have a wish list of items they like and some may accepts small presents like flowers. They will also state if they screen their clients, however do not take this personally because they do it as a safety and precautionary measure for all the adults involved in the escort business.

Second step will be the initial contact by filling out a request form online, chatting with them online or calling them using an international number before actually booking the date where she will meet you in a public place or in a four star hotel.Book a Bangalore escorts today!